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The Unpredictable, Pepe Muñoz, Episode 9

Today's guest is someone who I met recently and I have to admit, his energy and passion are so contagious you just can’t stop, or rather, you don’t want to stop him talking.

From his early days as a dancer in CATS to performing an erotic Cirque du Soleil cabaret in Las Vegas, with costumes designed by Thierry Mugler, to becoming Celine Dion's stylist and creative consultant, as well as now pursuing his career as an illustrator.  Today's guest is truly a man for seasons.

For today's episode, I didn’t plan any questions, as I wanted the conversation to flow spontaneously, and we get a very personal insight into the world of our guest as he tells us how he ended up where he is today and above all, how it's never too late to follow your dreams.

I’m really happy to welcome today's guest, Pepe Munoz!

Follow Pepe on Instagram: @p.e.p.e.munoz


Editing: @sscsierra

Music: @gulasound

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