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The Unhidden, Victoria Jenkins, S2 E4

Today's guest is a disability designer and advocate who launched her own brand, Unhidden Clothing, in 2017. Besides being an ex-student of mine, she is someone I am really proud of.

She has been a disability advocate due to her own gastrointestinal disabilities, and her career as a garment technologist in fashion lead her to start Unhidden when she encountered so many issues with her fellow hospital patients not being able to cover up or be comfortable in their own clothing, and the lack of stylish adaptive clothing available.

Join me today as we discuss more about adaptive fashion, how the world is slowly waking up to ableism, understanding the true worth of spending power of those with disabilities, and how Unhidden can help people with disabilities enjoy fashion.

I’m really happy to welcome today's guest, Victoria Jenkins.

Enjoy the Episode!

The Kickstater will launch on 12th March:

Follow Unhidden Clothing on Instagram: @unhidden_clothing

Find out more about Victoria Jenkins and Unhidden Clothing here:

Connect with Victoria Jenkins here:


Editing: @sscsierra

Music: @gulasound

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