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The Resilient, Niccolo' Montanari, Episode 8

With today's guest, we talk about the moving image, in particular video and film. Our guest is a consultant, film festival strategist, and publicist focusing on fashion, lifestyle, and contemporary culture.

He built his experience in fashion film as one of the founding members of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival, and since 2016 he has been consulting brands, productions companies, and film directors in the creation and distribution of video content across a range of publications and film festivals.

Today I meet up with him to talk about this aspect of the creative industry and discover what it takes to create a film festival, how he works with creatives and helps distribute their work across various film platforms, and what lies ahead for the future of video.

I’m happy to welcome today's guest, Niccolo Montanari.

Follow Niccolo' on:

Instagram: @niccolomontanari


GRANDmothers - a project by Anna Radchenko will be released on 12th October

GRANDmothers continues Anna Radchenko’s body of work encouraging us to ask: “What if?” The project plays with the idea that we will eventually be able to have children later in life, to the extent where even as grandparents we will have the choice to become pregnant. Composed of a set of photographs and a short film, GRANDmothers stands as a humorous visual commentary on society’s pressure to become a mother by a certain age in order to still be considered valuable.

Anna Radchenko: @anna_radchenko

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