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The Polymath, Juliana Sissons, Episode 5

For today’s guest, we travel back to the UK and meet a friend and colleague who defines herself a Polymath, someone whose expertise lies in different subjects, solving problems by using learnings from every perspective.

She is someone who blurs or rather pushes and explores the boundaries in garment construction, from crossing over from pattern cutting, traditional Savile row tailoring skills with knitting skills, to working with surgeons developing surgical pattern cutting techniques, all the while creating interesting new volumes and silhouettes.

From the London 80s blitz scene with her pop up shop inside the iconic club Heaven to designing costumes for the BBC TOTPs dances, to a residency at the Victoria & Albert museum developing knitwear from 16th-century armour, to working on a new book, oh and Britney Spears!

I’m happy to introduce today's guest, a true renaissance woman, Juliana Sissons.

Follow Juliana Sissons on: @julianasissons

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