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The Illusionist, Dene Leigh, Episode 7

For Today's guest we travel back to East London and to be honest, is someone I’ve never met before. I stumbled across his work on Instagram and was immediately captivated by it, so much so that I reached out to him, inviting him as a guest.

He is a fine artist who defines himself as an illusionist, where through his paintings, sculptures, and drawings he investigates the neurological impairment and the fragility of human memory and the desire to acknowledge and record those he has and has not met.

Today I had the chance to meet up with him and discover more about his work, his creative process, and how much his grandfather has had a huge impact on his career and path.

I’m happy to welcome today's guest, the fine artist,  Dene Leigh.

Follow Dene Leigh on Instagram: @deneleigh

Find out more about Dene and his work


Dene is represented by the Baert Gallery in L.A.


Editing: @sscsierra

Music: @gulasound

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