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The Dilettante, Sue Tilley, Episode 1

It seems fitting to have as my first guest for this podcast series, a friend who, when asked to describe herself with one word, choose the word Dilettante.

She was the best friend of performance artist Leigh Bowery, as well as being the subject of a few Lucian Freud paintings, the most famous being BENEFITS SUPERVISOR SLEEPING, which, when sold in 2015, was the most expensive painting ever sold by a then living artist.

She has become an artist in her own right, designed prints for Fendi Menswear, and written a biography about Leigh Bowery.

So today we find ourselves in St Leonards on Sea, in the UK  for a nice informal conversation with today's guest, Sue Tilley.

Follow Sue Tilley on Instagram for more updates about her work: @suetilley1 Leigh Bowery: The Life and Times of an Icon, 1999 by Sue Tilley

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