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The Curious Tailor, Gianmarco Messori, S2 E2

Our guest today is the second generation of a family-run Italian brand that started in the mid-’70s.

With him, we discover how the ‘made in Italy’ has changed in these past 40 years and how he took the company in a new direction, and most recently, how he introduced a new business model.

We talk about how the Messori brand started in an Italian town, then expanded across Europe, and now into Africa, where they are becoming a reference point in men’s tailoring.

And above all, how Covid_19 brought about changes, and how tailoring is adapting to reflect the new normal.

I am happy to welcome today's guest, the curious tailor, Gianmarco Messori.

Enjoy the Episode!

Follow Sartoria Messori on Instagram: @sartoriamessori

Find out more about Messori in Africa: https://www.messori.it/it-ww/africa.aspx

Connect with Gianmarco Messori here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gianmarco-messori-aa435828/


Editing: @sscsierra

Music: @gulasound

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