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The Connector, Cozette McCreery, Episode 2

Today's guest is based in London and is someone I’ve known for many years, she has been called a fashion bouncer, by Kim Jones, Artistic Director at Dior Men's;  Ponystep Magazine described her as 'someone who is universally liked', both are accurate,  however, she prefers to call herself The Connector.

From PA to DJ, from working with not 1 but 2 Freuds to co-founding the  knitwear label, SIBLING, to  becoming a Brand Ambassador and now talking about her latest project, the EMERGENCY DESIGNER NETWORK, where together with designers, Phoebe English, Holly Fulton & Bethany Williams, they galvanizing local production help create scrubs for the UK Hospitals.

I’m happy to welcome today's guest, Cozette McCreery

Follow Cozette McCreery on Instagram: @cozettemc 

Find out more about the Emergency Designer Network:  @emergencydesignernetwork

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