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The Avatars, Crossing The Runway, Season 2, Episode 1

2020 was the year that fashion and gaming became more entwined than ever before. Due to lockdown and social distancing, people were drawn more and more into the gaming world, and it became an outlet for them to release their creativity and create their own ideal worlds.

With Fashion Weeks moving onto digital platforms, it wasn’t long before brands started noticing the appeal of the gaming world, and some iconic brands began creating skins for games such as League of Legends and The Sims

However, one game stood out more than others.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was one of the top games to emerge during lockdown and along with it we all got to know Crossing The Runway, an Animal Crossing Instagram and Tumblr account dedicated to replicating iconic high fashion looks in-game.

From recreating iconic looks from brands as Prada and Chanel, to working with Valentino on a social media campaign to recreating a cover for Vogue Italia, Crossing The Runway has become one of the top ‘must follow’ instagram fashion accounts.

I’m really happy to welcome today's guests, Richmond and Shel, the creators behind Crossing The Runway.

Enjoy the Episode!

If you want to download some of the fashion looks created by Crossing The Runway for your AC avatars, or to find out more about their projects, check out their tumblr account:

and don’t forget to follow them on instagram! @crossingtherunway

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