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Textural Anthologies,The Intro, Massimo Casagrande

Hello and welcome to Textural Anthologies the podcast series that explores the personal and professional side of creative individuals in various industries. My name is Massimo Casagrande and I will be curating and hosting the conversations.

I decided to record these informal conversations with people I have met over the past 20 years,  people I have worked with, partied with, studied with and met in different stages of my life in the various cities and countries where I have lived and worked, because I feel they all have such interesting personal stories and experiences to tell and in some instances, it was nice for me to discover more about them.

These interviews all weave together to form a tapestry that reflects creativity, expression, and culture. Sometimes a nostalgic insight into a bygone era.

For me, each interview is like its own short story and I wanted to capture a snapshot of each guest.

The Interviews are conducted in an informal way, sometimes questions are prepared beforehand and in other cases, the questions are born naturally from the conversation. What I like is that there is the spontaneity of the content and the main purpose is for the guest to say whatever they feel and want and above all have fun.

As the journalist and writer, Alain Elkann once said, “ an interview is a photograph made of words’ and I would like you all to leave at the end of this series with a special photo album.

Enjoy the episodes!



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