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Textural Anthologies is a podcast series curated and, hosted by Massimo Casagrande,  that explores the personal and professional side of creative individuals in various industries, to discover more about their stories, their journey, what makes them tick, and above all, their creative outlets. 
Conducted in an informal way, sometimes questions are prepared beforehand and in other cases, the questions are born naturally from the conversation. There is spontaneity in the content and the main purpose is for the guest to say whatever they feel and want and above all have fun.

Today’s creative boundaries are blurred more than ever and through this series, we will explore how these contemporary creative ‘caesars', are influenced and inspired.

As the journalist and writer, Alain Elkann once said, "an interview is a photograph made of words" and I would like you all to leave at the end of this series with a special photo album.
Enjoy the episodes.

Massimo Casagrande pursued his fashion design studies at Istituto Marangoni Milano and then undertook a Master’s degree in Fashion Design from the University of East London.


He was a designer for Versace (Versus menswear, Versace Sport, and Versace Jeans) and then launched his own label (MCG Massimo Casagrande) in 2012. His collections have been shown in Paris and London as part of the Fashion East Menswear: Installations. 

He has been an official partner of the London Design Festival, where he has exhibited and curated site-specific collections in sync with contemporary cultural and social issues. 


After several years of experience as a Fashion Design Senior tutor at Istituto Marangoni London, Massimo was appointed Programme Leader for the same school.

Currently, he is Director of Education at Istituto Marangoni Miami and collaborates with a number of international clients as an art director, designer, and as a contributor to fashion magazines, public speaker, and moderator. 

Massimo also travels often as a guest lecturer holding seminars and workshops around the world and is a mentor and advisor to brands and the Latin American Fashion Summit.


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